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In a world where the boundaries between the past and future often blur, Spinrack stands as a beacon, casting a vivid light on the transformative power of comics. Born from a deep-seated reverence for the age-old art of comic creation, our mission extends far beyond mere entertainment. We aim to usher in a new era where the wisdom of comic legends paves the way for the innovators of the 22nd Century. As a Comics 3.0 entertainment company, we’re not just crafting stories; we’re creating expansive universes, interwoven with mobile games, Web3 games, Metaverse experiences, and Collectible NFTs.

Our approach to comics is both a homage and a revolution. At Spinrack, we’ve cultivated a space where the timeless allure of comics meets the cutting-edge advancements of the modern world. By championing collaboration, we’ve established a nexus where writers, illustrators, and creatives from diverse backgrounds unite to redefine and elevate the comic narrative. Every project, every storyline, and every character emerges from a symphony of diverse voices, all striving for a singular goal – advancing the art form of comics into a new age.

Why Spinrack?

  • Legacy Meets Innovation: At Spinrack, budding talents have the unparalleled opportunity to collaborate with legendary comic creators, blending classic storytelling with fresh perspectives.
  • Beyond Conventional Boundaries: With our innovative project management, payment, and reward structures, we’ve revolutionized how comic creatives work, earn, and thrive.
  • A Collective Vision: Our ethos revolves around community-driven content. Through collaboration, voting, and steering of new IPs, the Spinrack community shapes the stories we tell.
  • A Multiverse of Possibilities: Dive into a vast multiverse where Spinrack assets come alive, intertwining seamlessly across our games and platforms.
  • Unlocking Legendary Narratives: We believe that great stories should be accessible to all. With us, legendary IPs from iconic comic book creators find a renewed voice and reach, inviting fans old and new to partake in epic tales.


Spinrack was formed to have the old guard of comics creation usher in a new era of comics creators & fans. Sign up in our Discord and discover all the ways we’re advancing the art form of comics for the 22nd Century.

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